We bring constructive discussions back to the web.

Social networks have revolutionized social exchange. However, the large platforms are increasingly influencing the rules of interaction. As a result, fair discussions in the digital space have become a rarity. With engagently, we create safe spaces for high-quality online conversations and bring a piece of digital freedom and openness back to the web.

But gently.

Making discussions fun

We want online conversations to become constructive, safe and beneficial again. Engagently immerses you in respectful, person-to-person discussions and is your digital safe space for good conversations in dynamic online communities.

But gently.



Through good campaign planning and regular notifications for users, you extend your engagement offer.


You want your audience to stay longer? Then use the engagently widgets to initiate dialog, moderate user generated content and let users vote on various topics.


Your increased engagement offer leads to users staying longer on your site and having positive experiences in the digital space. Readers can become registrants.


Engagement, media time, and registration numbers give you trends you can capitalize on. Initiate incentives to create relevant subscriptions and target users or groups to subscribe.


The engagently platform offers you new possibilities to sustainably inspire your users for your online offer and to positively influence their digital experience. As a privacy-friendly platform for respectful and human-centered communication, not only you but also your users benefit.

These companies already use our solutions for comments and community management.

Your data belongs to you.

High quality 1st party data that's yours.


Your users trust you with their data and benefit by not having to give it to third parties or social networks. All interactions are not only fully accessible, but also protected around the clock thanks to outstanding moderation AI.

dedicated servers・under own domain・SSO Connect・full data access via API・24/7 hate and spam protection・excellent moderation AI

Your data under your control.


Data is a valuable asset and that's why it's so important to us that you have control over it at all times. Thanks to smart technology, you can comment, vote and interact with engagently carefree in your fediverse. You can view your data at any time and also delete it if necessary.

GDPR compliance・control over own data・all servers in the EU・encrypted transmission・individual user privacy・secure environment・DSA compliance

Independence for publishers.

We help publishers become more independent of (traditional) social media offerings by bringing together high-quality online conversations from users in diverse communities. Publishers thus have the opportunity to play a decisive role in the transformation of digital social exchange.

We make your audience stay longer.

With engagently, you generate high-quality conversations that keep your readers on your website longer. The buildup of first-party data and a higher customer lifetime value lets not only you, but also your users, benefit from us as a platform for fair digital exchange.

more media time

more media time

media time

more customers

more customers


decreasing customer loss rate

decreasing customer loss rate


higher probability of conversion

higher probability of conversion


Good dialogue, excellent solutions.

Your safe space for constructive discussions on the net.

We believe that excellent solutions result from good dialog. Social interactions need special care, which is not guaranteed by large platforms. We want to offer our users a safe environment for beneficial discussions. Not least because we believe that publishers have better opportunities to expand their editorial offering.

Download engagently facts.

We have summarized all facts about the engagently social platform for you in our factsheet.